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Little known features of the Yeastar S-Series – multiple night service modes

One of the many advanced features in the Yeastar S-Series PBX that is particularly valuable to service businesses like plumbers and electricians is the ability to have multiple night service modes to allow you to easily switch calls through to your after hours person.

When an additional mode has been programmed it is automatically allocated a * code to activate and deactivate  but obviously the easiest way for the customer to use the multiple night service modes is to assign the codes to buttons on the phone (s) which show red to indicate which mode the system is in.

A practical use case is how we have implemented this for a plumber:

During the day calls come into a ring group that rings all the phones in the office.

A mode has been programmed to be able to direct calls to the office mobile during the day for when the receptionist is away from her desk at lunch.

Six additional modes have been programmed to feed into a 2 option Auto Attendant allowing callers to press 1 to leave a voice message if the job is not urgent or to press 2 to get transferred to the on-call plumbers mobile. Of course the voice message that is left is automatically emailed to a group mailbox.

Service-based businesses that have traditionally relied on Telstra’s EasyCall call forwarding feature on their PSTN lines but now have to transition to the NBN need to have a solution to the variable call forwarding problem. It is possible to achieve similar functionality on other systems but not with the same ease of configuration and operation as with Yeastar S-Series.

The Yeastar S-Series starts at the compact S20, capable of 20 extensions, goes to the S50 capable of 50 extensions, the S100 capable of 100 extensions or 200 extensions with expansion and the S300 capable of 300 extensions or 400 or 500 extensions with capacity expansions. With a number of additional capabilities such as call recording simply by adding external storage such as a USB key along with excellent control of meet-me conferencing, hotel motel and contact centre plus the ability to auto-configure many of the leading brands of IP Phone, the Yeastar S-Series should be well worth considering as your next phone system.

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