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Joan Meeting Room Assistant

Here is a product that we think will have a place in many organisations – the Joan Meeting Room Assistant.

With meetings seemingly more and more frequent, the ability to be able to see if a meeting room is available or book one on the fly could be quite valuable. Joan Meeting Room Assistant shows the schedule of the meeting room, whether it is free or occupied currently and allows instant booking of a free room you just need to get in and get out for a short time.

No more people barging into a room because they didn’t know it was occupied and no more double booking of rooms or confusion due to a last-minute change.

Joan can also be used in a serviced office environment to indicate where a particular person should sit for the period they are there.

Joan Meeting Room Assistant offers a solution to three modern office challenges:

  • Improve finding and scheduling. Quickly find and schedule everything you might need in an office. Book and manage your office spaces with ease.
  • Elevate your office experience. Joan takes your meeting culture to the next level, adopts your company logo, style and language in no time.
  • Boost office efficiency. Joan detects and eliminates any unattended meeting, uncluttering your calendar and freeing up space and time.

Joan works with your existing tools:

Calendar integrations:

G SuiteMicrosoft OfficeExchangeICalendar


Other integrations:

Amazon AlexaSlackCisco Webex TeamsNexudusZapier


Joan Meeting Room Assistant comes in two sizes to suit your requirements. Joan offers six different functionalities

Real-time booking

For small meeting rooms and huddle spaces

Real-time bookingSee if a room is booked or free, when the next meeting is scheduled or even book a time slot while you are there.

Available on Joan 6 with any subscription.



For small offices, large offices and huddle spaces

Hot-deskingWork from any free desk in your office. Book it upfront or grab it on the spot.

Available on Joan 6 with the Standard or Premium subscription.

Room grid

For large conference rooms and boardrooms

Room gridOffice overview for up to 9 meeting rooms shows the meeting name and location.

Available on Joan 13 with the standard or premium subscription.

Team grid

For small offices, large offices and halls

Joan-team-gridSee what the whole team is up to. Shows who is available and when. Cease constant interruptions when in the workflow.

Available on Joan 13 with the standard or premium subscription

Schedule board

For small office and large offices

Joan-schedule-boardCheck if a single room is booked or free and see up to 6 following meetings.

Available on Joan 13 with any subscription.

Custom content

For office receptions, halls and offices

Real-time bookingShowcase anything important for your visitors; weather, stocks or anything else.

Available on Joan 6 and Joan 13 with the premium subscription.


Meet Joan

Joan 6


  • 6 inch touchscreen (4:3 ratio)
  • Up to 3 months battery life
  • Functionalities:
    • Real-time booking 
    • Hot-desking
    • Custom content


New Joan 6 ProJoan-6-Pro


  • 6 inch touchscreen (4:3 ratio)
  • Up to 1 year battery life
  • Functionalities:
    • Real-time booking 
    • Hot-desking
    • Custom content

Joan 13


  • 13 inch touchscreen (16:9 ratio)
  • Up to 1 year battery life
  • Functionalities:
    • Room grid 
    • Team grid
    • Schedule board
    • Custom content


Finally, if you don’t want a hardware solution, Joan can also be applied to your own TV. Please contact us for details. 

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