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IP Office Release 11.0.4 Service Pack 2

Avaya has released IP Office Release 11.0.4 Service Pack 2 firmware. There are many bug fixes so it is well worthwhile to have this installed on your Avaya. It can be done remotely after hours to avoid an interruption to service.

The new J159 phone has been introduced. The J159 is designed for users who desire a compact phone with lots of feature buttons. Its a multi-line phone with four red/green indicators on the primary display and four pages of of six red/green indicators on a secondary display as well as fixed buttons for Hold Transfer Conference and Redial. Avaya-J159

The J159 can be fitted with the wireless module simplifying deployment. It is a fully featured phone like the J169 and J179 but does not support the JEM24 add-on module due to the capabilities of the secondary display. The J159 requires this latest release and current software for the J series phones.

The current J-series software also introduces check sync support so for future updates the IP Office will let the phone know so the phone will retrieve the updated setting file and decides if it needs to reboot. This avoids needing to initiate a manual reboot through System Status or Monitor.

Firmware is updated for the following phones:

  • 9608, 9611, 9621, 9641
  • 3730, 3735, 3740 & 3749
  • IP DECT Base stations versions 1 & 2 and DECT Gateways
  • J100 series phones

If you are running an older release and you want to upgrade and especially if you have some faulty hardware then it may be worth getting a quote on IP Office Support Services as it allows for both an upgrade to a supported version along with replacement of any cards or modules in the system that may have developed faulty ports.

Depending on the current version of your IP Office, an upgrade may have to be completed in 2 steps and that will affect your downtime and the cost from your business partner.

If you have lost touch with your business partner then contact us for assistance.

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