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IP Office update Release 11.1 Feature Pack 2


The latest update from Avaya, Release 11.1 Feature Pack 2 brings some changes to your existing IP Office system. This article will cover some of the major changes and updates that may affect our customers and anyone using Avaya IP Office.

Software Changes

R11.1.2 Feature Pack 2 is the official title of the Avaya release that was rolled out on November 16, 2021. This update brings with it some key features 

  • Instant Messaging (IM) will be replaced with Avaya Spaces, Teams and 3rd Party IM options​ 
  • One-X Portal will no longer support (removed):​ 
    • One-X Mobile clients for Android & iOS​ 
    • Avaya Communicator for Windows & iPad​ 
    • Avaya IP Office Select client​ 

What do these changes mean for your business? 

If you are using the One-X Mobile, Avaya Communicator or Avaya IP Office Select clients you need to move to Avaya’s current application which is “Avaya Workplace” available for PC and Smartphones. If you are using the chat function with the Avaya application and don’t use Teams you will need to sign up for Avaya Spaces. 

Hardware Changes 

Along with the software changes, some hardware changes will affect IP Office systems as well. Hardware updates to address parts obsolescence, completed in Oct 2021.​ 

  • IP Office IP500 V2 is being replaced with IP500 V2A​ 
  • Digital Station 8 (DS8) is being replaced with DS8A​ 
  • Both require IP Office R11.1 or higher software​ 
  • DS8 cards will not be supported in IP500 V2A chassis (new Control units require new cards​ 
  • Up to 4 DS8 cards can be installed in an IP500 V2A control unit (up from 3 in IP500 V2) 

What do these changes mean for your business?

No changes to existing hardware, but any chassis replacement would need updated DS8A Digital Station cards.  

Azure AD Support  

 Azure Active Directory extraction, auto-creation and update of:  

  • IP Office User/Extension + Hunt Group  
  • IP Office System Directory  
  • IP Office Personal Directory  
  • Teams Simultaneous extension number  

Allows automated moves/adds/changes from AADUI; no need to use Manager/Web Manager. 

 Use with or without Teams Direct Routing. If used with Direct Routing. IP office will automatically update the Teams routing  

Refer to LDAPS/LDAPv3 for more details concerning Azure directory support 

What does this mean for your business? 

If you use Azure AD for user administration add integration to Avaya IP Office to reduce the time to add or change users. 

Avaya Operating System Support 

Avaya has updated the supported Operating systems that the Avaya IP Office platform software will run on.  

  • IPO R11.1 or later only supports the follow environments [source]:  
  • Avaya Provided Servers (Avaya provided Dell R240/R640 or UC Module) 
  • Virtualized environment on
    • Windows HyperV  (Hyper-V running on Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019) 
    • VMware ESxi Hypervisor (Supported with VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0, 6.5, 6.7 and 7.0. Support includes the Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus variants. Also support for Essentials Kit and Essentials Plus Kit variants) 
  • Cloud IaaS environment using either Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure 

What does this mean for your business? 

Ensure that your server or PC hardware and the operating system meets the requirements of the Avaya IP Office platform. This server or PC is critical to the operations of your phone system so if it is old and at risk of failure, short on memory or CPU, it would be best to upgrade or replace it as part of the upgrade. 

Devices Supported

As a quick reference here are the available devices that Avaya supports with IP Office, please review the following and ensure that your devices are supported. 

  • IP Phones:

    • J-Series – current and future supported devices 
    • J169 – End of sale – replace with J159 
    • 96×1 – End of sale 
    • 96×0 – End of sale 
    • 11xx – End of sale 
    • 16xx – End of sale 
    • 46xx – End of sale 
  • Digital Phones

    • 9508 – Current Digital Phone 
    • 9504 & 14xx Digital Phones– End of sale 
    • 46xx – End of sale/support 

 Conference Phones 

    • B199 SIP – Current 
    • B179 SIP – Current 
    • B169 Wireless – Current 
    • B149 Analog – Current 
    • B159 Analog– End of sale 

What does this mean for your business? 

If you are adding new devices, ensure they are the current models that will provide you with future proofing and a long usable life. Avaya’s J-Series phones can be used with the Avaya Cloud Office system allowing you flexibility in the future.  


Start your Avaya IP Office phone system upgrade by arranging us to assess your current system to finalise the requirements and quote on the cost to get your business phone system current.  

ICS Technologies is located in Brisbane, Australia with a national network of subcontractors. Contact us with any enquiries.

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