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I can’t get on the Internet…


One of my techs was out at a customer recently to add some Office Worker user profiles to allow more users to get screen pops from Outlook and patch it up to the latest release of R10.1. Of course, this version is now unsupported by Avaya but the customer does not require any of the new features and it is a major upgrade for the Application Server. This is the same customer where we had problems with two one-X Portals fighting each other because the old one was supposed to be decommissioned.

There were no issues with adding the additional licensing or updating the patches which was just as well because a storm blew up and caused several power outages.

After the power came back and seemed to stabilise, the phone system came back up, the SIP trunk registered and the Application Server came back up so calls could be made (digital phones) but nobody could access the Internet. After checking around it appeared the PC’s were not getting a network address and further tracing and consultation with their IT company revealed they are still using Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 as their network address source that had not powered back on. This is the same server that was supposed to have been decommissioned months ago as part of their migration to the cloud where the old one-X Portal server was running. They have an Uninterruptible Power Supply but the server is not on it (the Avaya Application Server is…).

After the server was powered back up, of course it then had to run a number of updates. Eventually it did come up, dished up network addresses to the client machines and the staff could then access the Internet. One wonders what they are paying the monthly fee to the IT company for if this is way they ‘manage’ the customers network?

Update: as of late November 2021, with a change of IT company. the server has been removed and networking hardware updated along with a cleanup of the cupboard as explained in this article

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