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How long for this web page to load?

This is a common complaint heard around many offices, how slow the Internet is and how long it takes to do things. Like many things that generally just work, not much thought is given until they start causing problems. Without proper testing, any claims of slow speed are only anecdotal and are unlikely to be acted upon by the provider.

Could the cause actually be failing hardware, either your own or the providers, the line or simply too much traffic on the link as business requirements or staff grow? As ADSL is delivered over the existing copper lines, these degrade and the ports in the equipment providing the service can degrade too. When a Telstra tech that is hooking up a new circuit says “I had a hard job finding a good port”, it tells you something about the state of the equipment.

We are able to provide testing and report on the circuit performance to try to enable a resolution.

Unless you are a very small business and are quite close to the exchange or a concentrator then forget about moving everything to the cloud because your upload speed on ADSL won’t support it. Tread carefully if you want to convert your phone lines to VoIP or a cloud hosted service. At least a dedicated ADSL or 4G will be necessary for best results.

Unfortunately, until NBN arrives, there is no ‘halfway house’ in price between a sub-$100 ADSL circuit and a $300+ business grade circuit – be it delivered over copper, fibre or wireless. If you need the bandwidth for day to day business then there is really no option until NBN arrives and that can bring it’s own problems with the other changes required to fax, EFTPOS & HiCAPS machines, alarms and phone system.

If you haven’t had an audit done on your telecommunications for a few years, it might be worthwhile getting one done to see exactly what you are paying for and if it is all necessary. You may have faulty lines that you are paying for but are unable to use.

Contact us to arrange an audit.

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