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Help, I’ve got no lines

Have you missed the notification of the NBN copper cutoff?

Assuming that something hasn’t happened to the external network and NBN is available in your area, it may be that the 18 month grace period between NBN availability and the disconnection of PSTN legacy services has occurred. In the case of special services like ISDN and high speed data, the grace period is 36 months.

The term “copper cutoff” was originally applied to areas that were getting new fibre connections and the copper cables were physically removed.  It is now applied across all types of delivery even though the copper is not physically cut off because it is still used for the Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Curb connections.

NBN normally notify the building owner so it is possible that tenants are not notified. This was the case when we were auditing various hospitals in QLD and NSW to identify all the lines coming in and where they went such as the gift shop, news agent, florist, etc.

If you have missed the notification and have been cut off then depending on your phone system, it may be possible to connect up VoIP lines and deliver it over 4G. Some systems have the necessary hardware and a small number of licenses built in, others need licensing and others need hardware. One of our VoIP providers can activate a new line in minutes and have it send your advertised phone number when you dial out. If licenses are required it may take a day or so for them to be generated.

In our experience there are now no drawbacks to converting your lines across to VoIP as soon as NBN is available. The service level is similar and after the initial cost, the ongoing cost will be a lot cheaper meaning a short payback period.

By migrating early, you may also be assisting those around you because NBN has to ‘turn down the power’ of connections to avoid them interfering with the legacy services. This is called co-existence and results in no guarantee of speeds faster than 12 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up – no faster than a good ADSL connection.

Again, in our experience across many sites, co-existence does not appear to have much effect on attainable speed.

Our advice here would be not to ignore any notifications relating to NBN cutoff and to convert across as soon as you can bearing in mind the effect it may have on your alarm, lift phone, fax if still required and possibly franking machine.

Contact us if you are unsure of how to proceed.

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