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Research shows that headsets generally make staff more productive by allowing them to use both hands when talking on the phone and of course it avoids the cradling of the handpiece on the shoulder which can lead to neck strain and compensation claims.

There are a couple of things to consider with headsets: are your staff primarily deskbound in which case a corded headset would suffice or are they moving around the office in which case a wireless headset would be better.

Corded headsets are pretty straightforward – do you want one or both ears? Corded headsets can be adapted to most phones either using the appropriate cable, a switch box so you can still use your handpiece or, in some cases, an amplifier that incorporates a switch box. We would always recommend the noise cancelling version of a particular headset for best performance.

Wireless headsets are a bit more complicated because factors need to be considered such as how many headsets do you want in an area, what sort of range do you need, how much battery life do you need and what sort of phone are you connecting it to?

Wireless headsets come in 2 types – DECT or Bluetooth.

DECT headsets allow remote answering of calls if the phone is equipped with a mechanical lifter or an Electronic Hook Switch. They offer a long battery life, long range and high density allowing lots of users in an area.

Bluetooth cordless headsets also allow remote answering of calls if the phone is equipped with a lifter or Electronic Hook Switch. They are able to be paired with a mobile phone so the user can wear it all day but generally have a shorter battery life, shorter range from the base and with a limited number of frequencies available don’t allow as many users in an area as DECT.

Just to confuse things, combination models are also available offering both DECT and Bluetooth – DECT for connection to desk phones and Bluetooth for connection to tablets and mobile phones.

The type of phone will govern the type of cable used and whether a mechanical lifter is required or Electronic Hook Switch for remote answering.

The choice of model will be dictated by the intended usage. Just contact us and we will guide you as to the best option for your particular application. We offer headsets from both Jabra and Plantronics.

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