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Flood restoration


Apart from the obvious signs there are a many unseen effects of flooding and subsequent flood restoration. What gets mixed in with the water is unknown. Assuming that the premises doesn’t need to be stripped and the cleanup is relatively straightforward you may not just be able to plug everything back in and be up and running again.

One of the things we have found is that the little pins in data sockets corrode very quickly – even when the active equipment is turned off. We first saw this during the 2011 floods and replaced many, many of them especially at the Brisbane Markets. We were out there again today replacing sockets due to corroded pins. Once replaced the phones and PC’s connected fine.

With longer term inundation, it is possible that the cable itself can absorb moisture if there is sufficient slack then the damaged section can be cut off but in some cases the cabling has to be replaced.

Thought has to be given to active equipment  that was present at the time of the flooding. During the 2011 flood one of our customers was in West End. Their network switches did not go under but since the water remained for a number of days they were in a corrosive environment deterioration had already set in. We did bring them back to the office and cleaned them up and treated the circuit board. They worked for a while but then developed a creeping death as one port after another failed. Within 6 months all three had been replaced.

With a long history of providing flood restoration, we have equipment available either on loan to get you going while we obtain replacements or as replacement themselves. Switches, routers, wireless access points, phone systems and phones are all in stock. We can travel around South East Queensland and even over into northern New South Wales.

For any enquiries about flood restoration in your office, please contact us through the website or call us on 1300799115.

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