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Fanvil Paging Gateways


Fanvil now has expanded the range of paging gateways to suit most requirements when interfacing a SIP phone system with existing analogue paging devices.

The original PA2 is a SIP terminal device compatible with all the current SIP IP PBX /IMS platforms, such as Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, Grandstream, Yeastar, etc. Some of the many functions include paging, PA interface, broadcast, video, access control, egress and recording.

The updated PA2S is a SIP video intercom and paging gateway that uses the standard IP/RTP/RTSP protocol for media streaming. It sets a variety of functional interfaces in one: broadcast, recording, intercom, security. Through the connection of the external devices to achieve audio and video intercom, broadcast, security trigger and other practical functions, Fanvil PA2S can apply to multiple scenarios to deploy the equipment. PA2S can be connected to the external devices, such as microphones, mobile phones, FM radio, and passive/active speakers, supporting MP3 broadcast to provide real-time broadcasting in campus, hospitals, industrial parks, airports, etc. PA2S can be connected to infrared probes and switches to trigger the alarm lights, barriers and other equipment through the input/output interfaces, realising the automatic alarm and remote door opening.

The new PA3 adds a USB port and TF card slot to enhance the public broadcasting capabilities. With HD audio and function-rich interfaces, Fanvil PA3 can be used for real-time & fix-time MP3 broadcasting, and one-touch intercom when connecting to external devices. Fanvil PA3 is your perfect choice for DIY integrated broadcasting solutions for the campus, shopping mall, railway station, building, etc.


Comparison table

SIP Lines222
CameraYes – via external inputYes – via external inputYes – via external input
HD AudioG.722 and OpusG.722 and OpusG.722
Standalone unitYesYesYes
Linkage with 3rd party IP cameraYesYesYes
Built in relayNoYesYes
Audio line-in/line-outYesYesLine-out only
Wide temperature range-20º to +50ºC-30º to +70ºC-30º to +70ºC
Power amplifierMax 30 WattsMax 30 WattsMax 30 Watts
Short circuit outputNo11
Short circuit inputNo11
MP3 broadcastYesYesNo



To enquire about Fanvil Paging Gateways please contact us. ICS Technologies is based in Brisbane, Australia with subcontractors around Australia.

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