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Fanvil i23S SIP door phone

We have been testing the Fanvil i23S SIP door phone on an Avaya IP500v2 and Containerised Avaya for functionality and make the following observations.

We were comparing it to the range of 2N door phones we normally install and it compares favourably.

Of course, with any new device, check the firmware and upgrade to the current version. The test sample was a couple of versions behind and according to the release notes, the latest firmware fixed a few bugs and introduced some new features.

The i23S has a robust aluminium frame with good grommets in the entry points, an earthing wire, surface mounting capability and a rain hood which would assist in gaining the IP65 rating – meaning total protect against dust ingress and protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. It is also IK10 rated against vandalism.

The i23S is the non-camera version of the i31S but is identical in all other respects.

Dual microphones with noise reduction are used.

There is a single relay to control a door or gate.

There is RFID card capability with several cards included in the box.

Indicators on the front panel show door open, talking, incoming call and registration of the SIP account.

It has the choice of 2 SIP accounts. This is handy if you want to have a main and a backup phone system to register to for failover.

When plugged into a network the i23S defaults to if no DHCP server is present otherwise press the # key for 3 seconds to have the IP address read out to you.

It will accept VLAN programming where networks are segregated virtually into voice and data.

It will support a VPN connection either using Open VPN (default) or L2TP Certificates may be uploaded.

The i23S registered to the Avaya with just username (phone number), password and the IP address of the server.

A full range of codecs is available – G.722, G711 (A and U), G729, G723.1 and G.726-32. For our purposes in Australia G.711U, G.723 and G.726 are moved to the disabled side. No Opus codec at the moment but this may appear in a future firmware release.

Under Advanced settings you have the option of transport type, Ports, registration timers, a selection of ring tones, voicemail settings, etc.

Under EGS Setting you can add certificates if necessary for HTTPS connections.

A tamper switch is provided so any attempts to dismantle the device can trigger an alert.

The * and # keys provide call control and there are settings to determine what they do depending on what mode the i23S is in such as Dialing, Alerting, Ringing, Talking, etc. * allows you to dial a number then * again to send it. This would be useful for large apartment complexes. The default settings have # used to hang up the call. These are marked on the faceplate. There is also a large button that will call a single programmable number – usually a hunt group. This button toggles so a press to initiate a call or to hang up the call.

To activate the relay to unlock a door, when on a call press the * button and you will hear a tone. It is possible to give an announcement instead of the tone and custom announcements can replace the default ones.

Rather unusually, an 8P8C (“RJ45”) socket is used for the network connection rather than screw terminals. There are pros and cons for both. I always prefer to use a patch lead because if it gets damaged or goes faulty it is easy for anybody to replace. Power over Ethernet may be used (802.3af – up to 15.4 Watts) or local a 12 Volt DC supply.

In conclusion, the Fanvil i23S is a robust and full-featured door phone that may be perfect for your next project. Contact us to find out more.

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