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Engenius Durafon SIP cordless phones


Engenius Durafon SIP cordless phones provide the coverage and durability required for businesses such as nurseries, supermarkets, warehouses, equipment yards or farms where you need to contact staff.  With a long-range Industrial Cordless phone system, user’s can make and receive calls while virtually anywhere on the property.

The Engenius DuraFon SIP system provides up to 10 SIP accounts for 10 handsets on a single base unit with four concurrent calls. The long-range SIP handsets also function as digital two-way radios allowing users to broadcast a message to the other handsets or even have a private intercom call between any two handsets.

The Engenius DuraFon SIP system operate with a long-range 900 MHz radio base providing greater coverage from a single base then DECT or Wifi phones and does not require additional WiFi network resources.

This durable, long-range SIP cordless phone system provides up to 23,000 square metres of facility coverage, penetrates up to 12-floors in-building, and covers up to 1,200 acres of open land property. 

It supports both SIP and one PSTN line analog and is ideal for companies with an existing IP-PBX system on the premises or those using hosted VoIP services that require reliable, long-range communications over large areas or in harsh environments. For example, organizations whose staff work on large properties outside of a conventional office, or venues where employees need to stay in constant contact with a main office or management team and where Wi-Fi or DECT phones can’t reach. These may include:

  • Large Resort Properties
  • Schools and Universities
  • Golf Courses
  • Warehouses
  • High-Rise Hotels
  • Expansive Agricultural Properties
  • Industrial Plants
  • Oil and Gas Fields
  • Convention Centres
  • Amusement Parks
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Car Dealerships
  • Supermarkets and other Retail Shops

Support for both SIP and PSTN lines permit the connection of the Base Station to a legacy PBX, IP-PBX or preferred service provider and gives users up to four (4) talk paths via four (4) digital calls or three (3) digital calls and one (1) analogue line.

With the lithium ion battery up to 50 hours of standby is possible along with 4 to 6 hours of talk time. Batteries can be fully charged in 4 hours can can be hot swapped on the handset by placing the call on hold.

Accessories such as

If you want to discuss how you can use a Durafon long range cordless phone, please contact us via the website or call 1300799115.

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