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End of Sale: Avaya J169 IP phone


Recently,  Avaya announced the end-of-sale of the J169 IP phone.

The migration path is either the J159 or the J179. Both phones offer a colour display and the ability to add the Bluetooth/WiFi module for flexibility in connections and simple headset integration.

The J159 phone requires Release 11 to function. The J179 can be connected to Release 10.1 systems. This falls into line with the End-of-Sale of licenses for older versions of firmware leaving only 1400-series digital phones and 1600-series IP phones available for those customers who choose not to upgrade.

Further information on the J159 and J179 phones can be found here.

Existing warranty and support agreements will remain in place. Every effort will be made to supply the discontinued models but product availability cannot be guaranteed until the end-of-sale date.

Support Schedule
End-of-Sale date8th of March 2021
End of manufacturer support for software*8th of March 2024
End of manufacturer support for hardware*8th of March 2024
Last day to purchase system expansionsN/A
Targeted End-of-Services support**8th of March 2027

*As per Avaya Product Lifecycle Policy

** This date may be revised based on the availability of quality repair parts and/or technical support expertise.

If you are in doubt, please contact us for advice on how to maintain what you have or to move forward.

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