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Do you need a battery backup at home?


A battery backup is necessary in an office environment but do you need a battery backup at home?

With the connected homes we have these days it is a very good idea to maintain some continuity when mains power is unexpectedly lost.

This week in particular the power at my house has been quite unstable but I have both backup power on my main rack and on the TV, media PC and some lighting meaning that for interruptions up to a couple of hours despite losing the NBN immediately and 4G backup being hopelessly congested it is possible to stay entertained.

In addition to providing backup power the battery backup can filter and limit the voltage of the mains power to extend the life of your electronics. Depending on the design of the battery backup the output can be completely isolated from the input. This is considerably better than the many overpriced power conditioners available that cannot do anything about boosting under-voltage or frequency variations.

Obviously there are many models of battery backup in all kinds of capacities depending on what you need to keep running and for how long. Some also have the capability to have extra batteries added for longer running time and a monitoring and management card with environmental probes that can send alerts and shut down compatible equipment.

We recommend battery backup units from CyberPower, APC and Eaton.

As an example, the 1000VA battery backup I have in my front room was powering a 65″ TV, media PC, NBN modem, router, switch and a couple of LED floor lights gave me approx 2 hours of run time. It is a professional CyberPower unit.

If you are considering a battery backup at home or for your office then please contact us. We can also refurbish your existing battery backup with replacement batteries.

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