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Customer States: calls won’t transfer off the IVR


A customer had some network rearrangements done by their IT people and it caused havoc with the IP phones – particularly the customer service desk as that is in the middle of the shopping centre and connected to a wireless bridge.

The complaint was that when you dial in and press 1 it just goes to silence – no ringing or answering so, “calls won’t transfer off the IVR”. Apparently you could call the customer service desk directly but this wasn’t the case so what was the issue?

As of this morning when my tech visited the customer service desk phone was working and could be called directly. The IT people had worked into the night to sort things out and the SIP trunk has settled down too. There was still no ringing on transfer though – just silence until somebody picked up.

Let’s examine the options for transferring calls out of an Auto Attendant in Avaya IP Office. There are 2 choices: Normal Transfer and Transfer but what’s the difference?

Normal Transfer: Transfers the caller to a specified number. This is a supervised transfer, that is, if busy or unanswered the call will follow the settings of the target user or hunt group. If the destination field is left blank, callers can dial the extension number that they require, however no prompts will be played.

Transfer: Callers are transferred to the selected destination. This action is used with the key Fax so that when a fax tone is detected the call is transferred to the specified extension. This is a blind transfer.

In our situation the option is set to Normal Transfer and it was discovered that the Music on Hold wasn’t working either. The customer wasn’t aware of the source since it used to come off a PC so they could change it easily. Now it comes off an external player in the rack with the phone system and with people in the rack the power had become dislodged from the cheap power board it was plugged into. It sounded a bit scratchy as well so all the connections were unplugged and plugged in a few times.

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