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cnConcierge from Cambium Networks

Guests value a speedy check-in to their accommodation and front desk staff need to move through waiting guests to check them in as efficiently as possible. To make it easier to create voucher codes for checking in guests, Cambium offers the cnConcierge app for Android or Apple iOS.

Working in conjunction with cnMaestro, the cloud-based management platform, cnConcierge allows front desk staff to quickly create a voucher code for a guest and text it to them so they can unlock WiFi access in their accommodation.

cnConcierge simplifies the distribution of captive portal vouchers, enabling administrators to transmit access codes to users via the app itself, email, text message, or as a printable coupon. Parameters of use such as duration of access and traffic rates can be also be established and managed through the app.

Vouchers can still be generated in bulk using cnMaestro but cnConcierge is far more convenient as the voucher can be generated on the spot.

If guest access to your WiFi network is causing administration hassles, consider Cambium as offering the solution. The E410, E430 and E600 indoor access points along with the E500 and E700 outdoor access points and the new cnMatrix switches can all be utilised in designing the perfect solution for your hospitality environment.

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