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Cisco Meraki Wireless (MR)

Cisco Meraki has a range of 100% cloud managed wireless access points mostly 802.11ac capable. Cloud management means faster deployment, simplified administration and improved visibility of the network and any potential trouble spots before they develop and are noticed by users.

Many of the access points have a 3rd security radio that scans and protects against security threats, senses the RF environment and adapts to interference and automatically configures the radio frequency settings to maximise performance.

Deployments are only 4 steps:

  1. Configure the wireless network settings in the Dashboard.
  2. Mount the access point and connect it to the network
  3. The access points will automatically pull the configurations from the cloud and perform any firmware updates
  4. The access points self-optimise radio frequency settings

Remember you can always request a free trial of Cisco Meraki hardware and in the unlikely event that it does not suit you then return postage is free too.

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