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Cisco Meraki MX67, MX68 and Z3C

Cisco Meraki have released an additional 6 security appliances – the MX67 and MX68.

Both MX67 and MX68 offer increased throughput of 450Mbps through the firewall and 200Mbps over VPN compared with 250Mbps through he firewall and 100Mbps over VPN of the existing MX64 and MX65 models.

MX67 and MX67W offer the same 5 network ports as the MX64 and MX64W.

MX68 and MX68W offer the same 12 network ports including 2 PoE+ ports as the MX65 and MX65W.

The MX67C and MX68CW offer embedded LTE so it is no longer necessary to use the USB port for a dongle.

In the MX67W, MX68W and MX68CW, the WiFi has been updated to 802.11ac Wave 2 – 2 x 2 up to 1.3Gbps.

There is also an updated Z3 telecommuter gateway, the Z3C that has embedded LTE.

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