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Chasing the fault


This must be the week for trucky faults as we ended up chasing the fault on this one. On Tuesday we had a call for help at a hospitality site that had lost their Internet and the 4G backup previously supplied wasn’t usable for some reason. We tried to talk the customer through power cycling devices but they wanted a tech on site.

Our tech arrived on site, plugged his laptop into the switch, tested the 4G and confirmed that the 4G wasn’t useable – about 6Mbps down but less than 0.5Mbps up – no good for running a POS system. Plugging into the 4G router directly confirmed the same speed readings.

The NBN and main router light status looked OK so our tech plugged his laptop into the router and repeated a speed test. It was right on spec for the 100/40 NBN circuit – about 95Mbps down and 34Mbps up so he swapped the switch uplink across and although it showed connectivity there was zero throughput.

Could the switch also be causing a problem? The switch was power cycled and after it came up again there was no change. The tech bypassed the switch and plugged straight into the NBN router – there was now no throughout here. What was going on?

The router has caused problems before so it was power cycled but after it came up again there was still no throughput. The only item left was the NBN Network Termination Device (HFC delivery). This was power cycled and once it came up we had good stable Internet again.

This is what we mean by chasing the fault. Initial testing showed it to be somewhere that it was not.

This shows how important it is to isolate equipment to narrow down the cause.

If you have faults “nobody can solve” then contact us to assist. ICS Technologies is located in Brisbane, Australia with techs around the country.

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