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Case Study: Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel Delivers 5-Star Wi-Fi


The Nobu Hospitality hotel has now become the best connected hotel in the Balearic Islands, Spain thanks to an upgrade using Cambium Networks equipment delivering 5-Star Wi-Fi. It offers access speeds of up to 600 Mbps and has a system that allows videoconferencing and other connections to be held with the highest quality and without interruptions throughout the establishment.

Recently, the Nobu Ibiza Bay hotel renewed its Wi-Fi installations, migrating from 2.4 GHz technology to dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, which exponentially improves access speed, coverage and improves the experience for multiple users. In this way, their guests now enjoy access speeds of up to 600 Mbps throughout the hotel, and the ability to seamlessly roam across all access points that allows them to hold video conferences and other high-quality connections while moving from one area of ​​the hotel to another.

The project, carried out by a Spanish integrator and partner of Cambium Networks, was completed in a week and included the deployment of a new high-speed and high-capacity Gigabit network. It has also involved the installation of an access point in each of its 152 rooms and another 100 access points distributed in the different facilities and dependencies of the hotel, such as swimming pools, restaurants, beach bars, cafes, wellness area, shops, hairdresser, fitness and the rooftop.

The design of the new Wi-Fi network has provided total connectivity throughout the hotel, to offer customers connectivity in rooms and on the move without interruptions and without loss of connection quality. Another objective was to allow many connected users without loss of quality or speed. Using the Cambium Networks E425H wallplate access points, each room now has multiple Gigabit network sockets to connect game consoles, computers or any other device. Using the Cambium Networks E425H access points that include these network sockets, deployment is simplified by using existing network cabling.

Cambium-Networks-E425HICS Technologies are Cambium Networks partners and can design and implement a similar setup for your hospitality venue along with high capacity Internet circuits to handle the traffic. Contact us to discuss your requirements if you want to provide 5-Star Wi-Fi to your guests.

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