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Case Study: Algo 8128 strobe in a Teams environment


We were contacted by an interstate customer that has recently built a new food production facility in Richlands. They have a number of phones in noisy areas and are unable to hear them ringing.

As they run under a Teams environment using the Yealink MP54 phones straight SIP devices don’t work unless you use the Microsoft Teams SIP Gateway but in this case the phones are connected over Wi-Fi because no cables were run in those rooms meaning the PC port on the phone doesn’t work.

Fortunately the Algo 8128 strobe has a relay input that can be triggered off the headset port of the phone via the Algo 2507 ring adapter. 

The technical contact had come up to Brisbane to do some other things on site so we met up to perform the installation. He had direct access to the phones and was able to change the setting in the phone to send ringing to the headset port.

By setting a 20 second timer the strobe will continue to flash for 20 seconds after the phone stops ringing so the person can check the missed calls list. On the bright setting they are very bright and reflect off all the shiny surfaces so even if you have your back to it you will still see it. The original intention was to place them near the phone but due to the brightness we mounted them approx 1.5 metres above the phone and neatly ducted the cables up there – Ethernet cable from the injector to provide power and the trigger cable from the 2507. 

It is possible to test the strobe by pressing the headset button on the phone.  

Initially 5 were installed as a trial and they worked very well but they have more rooms with high ambient noise so we are expecting an additional order fairly shortly. 

All the Algo products including the Algo 8128 strobe have a relay input that can be triggered from the 2507 ring adapter. If they can be connected directly to a SIP server then they are much more versatile since multiple extensions can be assigned to them to perform various different functions.

ICS Technologies was recently made an Algo Authorised Integrator meaning we have passed the various training courses and requirements for the program. For visual or audible alerting or intercom systems, contact us.


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