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Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks offers a range of cloud managed wireless access points and switches that are intended for the large home or small business.

The range of internal wireless access points consists of:

The e410 offers similar performance and capabilities to the E400 but provides improved throughput with 802.11ac Wave 2 design.

The new e425H is an entry-level wall plate Access Point offering 802.11ac Wave 2 with beam forming and PoE out.

The e430H is a wall plate Access Point offering 802.11ac Wave 2 with beam forming, additional switch ports and Bluetooth.

The e600 a 4×4 Wave 2 MU-MIMO design with to 512 concurrent client associations, 16 SSID’s and 28dB transmit power giving a range of up to 250 metres.

The range of external access points consists of:

The e500 is IP67 rated for exposed locations and offers dual band capabilities plus a second Ethernet port to allow another device such as a camera be powered. Omni antenna

The e501S is identical to the E500 except that it has a 90 to 120º sector antenna for improved performance in noisy environments.

The e502S is identical to the E500 except that it has a 30º sector antenna for improved performance in noisy environments

The new e505 is ideal for high density 360º coverage for public Wi-Fi and hospitality deployments 802.11ac Wave 2 and IP67 rated enclosure 

The new e510 has extended temperature capabilities with an internal heater, LTE filter and omni directional antenna in an IP67 rated enclosure

The e700 is an IP67 rated dual band Wave 2 outdoor access point offering Bluetooth, very high throughput and the ability to power an external device such as a camera.

All E series access points offer social media login to Google+ and Facebook, splash pages and voucher generation. This is perfect for hotels, coffee shops, camping grounds and office WiFi. They offer zero handoff to allow a user walking between access points to maintain a connection rather than it dropping and reconnecting. With the rise in cordless phones and soft phones that operate on wifi, this is important to avoid call drops.

New to the product lineup is the range of cnMatrix Ethernet switches; the EX2010 and 2010P and the EX2028 and 2028P.

For the cloud management, an account is created in cnMaestro and the access points are added to the dashboard. cnMaestro can be either a public cloud instance or as a VMware image for a private cloud. Once the access point is purchased there are no recurring licensing fees. A hardware appliance is also available – the C4000.

Configuration can begin before the Access Point is taken out of the box then when it is connected to the Internet the configuration is pushed out to it.

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