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Cambium cnPilot e700 outdoor access point

Cambium has released a new IP67-rated outdoor wireless access point – the cnPilot e700.

Cambium e700

The e700 is a cost-effective, cloud-managed access point designed for:

  • Enterprise and industrial campus
  • Hospitality
  • Higher Education campus
  • Public Wi-Fi

Operational superiority IP67 weather resilient Outdoor Access Point with an omni-directional antenna, enhanced temperature range (-40 to +65 C), electrostatic discharge protection, LTE filtering and even a heater for very cold environments. Capable of 512 max concurrent client associations, 16 SSIDs, WPA-2 encryption, Meshing, Dynamic VLANs, DFS channels, access control lists (ACL), zero touch provisioning and more – the 802.11ac Wave2 powered e700 is perfect for today’s demanding high density outdoor Wi-Fi networks.

High performance Wi-Fi beamforming on 5 GHz over a 4×4 Tx/Rx antenna array, can steer beams to the target client device delivering superior performance under high interference RF environments in both downlink and uplink directions. Enterprise grade controller-less roaming, dynamic channel selection, automatic transmit power control, and more such cnPilot platform features ensure a high grade superior Wi-Fi network.

Mesh enables the rapid setup of multi-hop networks either dedicating one radio (e.g.: 5 GHz) for mesh backhaul, or using both bands for simultaneous client and mesh access.

Wireless Backhaul Integration allows the roll out of Wi-Fi networks rapidly with Cambium’s wireless backhaul powered from the aux PoE Out port on the
e700 eliminating the need for a second power line. The aux PoE Out port can also power an 802.3af camera when security monitoring is needed
near the hotspot.

Resilience is achieved with dual on-board Active/Standby memory banks ensure higher availability. The e700 can store two versions of the software and if needed fall back to a working operational software, reducing the likelihood of site visits and increasing network up-time.

cnMaestro is Cambium’s controller platform. It is either available as a free cloud platform or can be set up on-premises.
cnMaestro offers:
• Guest Access; Custom Splash pages, Vouchers, Social login using either Google+ or Facebook credentials.
• Zero-touch Provisioning
• Inventory tracking
• Map location
• Monitoring: Key Stats and Alarms
• Mass firmware upgrade or application of policies
• Integrated troubleshooting: Wi-Fi APs, Clients & Cambium SMs

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