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BrightSign Digital Signage

BrightSign media players are small footprint devices with an embedded operating system that allows significantly lower power consumption and much more stable operation than any PC-based player.

In addition to advertising their own products, our customers are also selling their suppliers advertising space. A small amount of advertising time quickly pays for the hardware and installation then provides an ongoing revenue stream.

BrightSign has launched an all-new range consists of players in four product families; the top-of-the-range 4K capable XT, the advanced XD, the mainstream HD and the entry-level LS.

The XT244 networked basic interactive player offers:

  • Plays native 4K, H.265, 10-bit video @ 60fps via HDMI 2.0
  • Powerful Video Engine with dual decoding of one 4K (3840×[email protected]) and one Full HD (1920×[email protected]) video simultaneously
  • Abundant support of content including HTML5, Live feeds, video walls, IP streaming, 3D and more
  • Basic interactivity via GPIOs and UDP commands
  • Built-in wired networking with Wi-Fi option to update and manage your signage

The XT1144 networked multi-control interactive player offers:

All the features of BrightSign XT244, plus…

  • Engaging interactive controls via GPIO, serial, USB 3.0 and Ethernet ports
  • Supports touch & swipe screen interactivity
  • S/PDIF output for pure digital and surround sound audio
  • Geo-Fencing to play content targeted to your current location

H.265 and HDMI 2.0 are requirements for 4K at 60fps.

The advanced XD models allow two video zones capable of playing high definition content and upscaling 1080p content to 4K whereas the HD models only allow one video zone. For new installations we recommend the XD range as they have increased capabilities.

The XD234 networkable player offers:

  • a powerful video engine capable of dual full HD video decoding
  • abundant content support including HTML5 and 3D content
  • UDP network control for messaging between BrightSign and third-party devices.
  • May be powered by a PoE+ connection on the network cable

The XD1034 networkable interactive player offers all the features of the XD230 plus…

  • optical output for pure digital and surround sound audio
  • a diverse range of interactive controls such as GPIO, serial, USB, UDP and mobile devices, for engaging interactive displays

Wireless networking is an option on all XD players by adding a wireless module.

The HD range consists of:

The networkable HD224 where content can be loaded onto the SD card or via Ethernet. The network connection allows you to update content remotely as often as required, allows the player to pick up accurate time and date to trigger scheduled events and to link to other BrightSign players for co-ordinated display such as on a video wall. The new HD222 now offers HTML 5 capabilities.

The networkable interactive HD1024 is similar to the HD224 but introduces interactivity via a keypad, a touchscreen overlay on the display or some other device with serial USB or GPIO connectivity.

The entry-level LS424, is a single zone networkable player. It offers a network connection, H.265 1080p60 video playbacks, entry-level HTML5 support and USB interactivity.

All players are able to playback Twitter, RSS or Live Text feeds as a ticker.

To create a presentation simply use the free BrightAuthor software downloadable from the BrightSign website, design a layout with a single or multiple zones to suit your requirements, assemble your video and images for those zones, build your presentation with video, images, transitions, time, date, Twitter feed, etc and publish.

Updates can now also be done with the new BrightSign App for iPhone and iPad freely downloadable from the App Store.

For easy management of multiple players there are several options for networking:

Local File Networking: Content is stored somewhere in your local network so all players can be updated immediately without using Internet bandwidth.

Simple File Networking: Content is stored in a web folder. Downloads by the players can be scheduled to take advantage of offpeak Internet allowances. This is very convenient for businesses with players spread across multiple sites.

Brightsign Network is a hosted service for large networks of players where all content is hosted in the cloud. It provides security, network monitoring, content management, advanced scheduling and reporting.

Brightsign Network Enterprise Edition is for organisations that have large numbers of players but for security reasons want to run BrightSign Network internally on their own server and behind the corporate firewall.

ICS Technologies can also offer 16/7, 18/7 and 24/7 commercial-grade LED screens up to 98″ at 4K resolution to complement the BrightSign players. Contact us for assistance.

If you need to go larger we can offer a range of projectors, screens and mounts.

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