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Bike Track Modular Plastic Flooring


An interesting product we saw at the recent Land Forces Expo in Brisbane was Bike Track’s Modular Plastic Flooring. There are 3 models available – 25mm solid, 50mm solid and 50mm with inbuilt cable channels – the latter being the most useful we feel. We can see many potential applications in temporary or permanent installations such as field maintenance facilities, drone shelters, base camps, trade shows or mechanical workshops allowing a smooth floor that can be rapidly installed – 1.3 to 2.6 square metres a minute – no tools required and sheets are self-aligning.

Bike Track Modular Plastic Flooring is manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene. It can withstand a static load of over 231 tonnes per square metre.

This rig weighed over 70 tonnes. The floor sheets sustained no damage.

Each flooring sheet of 1.22m x 1.07m has two double channels running lengthwise and 1 channel widthwise as well as 12 access points. Channel covers just snap into place and are interchangeable.

The floor sheets are UV resistant, rot proof, impervious to most chemicals and usable in any temperature or weather. The floor sheets are warrantied for 5 years but existing customers report in excess of 15 years. The sheets are designed for use where protection of grass is important. All sheets include drainage holes, are anti treated, slip resistant and 100% recyclable.

If Bike Track’s Modular Plastic Flooring is what you are looking for contact us.

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