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Being methodical when fault finding


Another tricky fault came our way the other day.

A few months ago the SIP trunk stopped registering on the NBN connection although it had been working for a couple of years before that. A spare trunk with another carrier registered up perfectly and the customer trunk registered fine over a 4G connection. Attempts to rectify the issue with both the trunk provider and the NBN retailer were unsuccessful so we left it running over the 4G and started the process to Port the numbers across to the provider of the temporary trunk. This was commenced in March but I think there was a lot of feet dragging meaning the Port won’t actually occur until later this month.

Last week the carrier had an outage and the SIP trunk dropped for some hours. After the outage the trunk would not re-register. We accessed the system remotely to try a reboot which can bring a trunk back up but in this case it did not work. We also tried to register the newly provisioned trunk that the numbers would be Ported to. We were unable to get this registered either.  Both trunks registered perfectly from our office so was the issue in the phone system or something to do with the circuit or router? A site visit was organised for more testing.  Our tech was equipped with a spare Avaya IP500v2 with both trunks programmed and known to be working from our office and a router to cover as many bases as possible. Some experimentation was conducted on the existing phone system with no further success. The spare Avaya was connected up and neither trunk would register – exonerating the phone system.

Next step would be to change the router. Fortunately the credentials were available so that was done and both trunks registered up OK. Strangely the original trunk later dropped registration again although the newly provisioned one remained registered. What had happened to the original router to prevent SIP trunk registrations? The router has been in for many years and had previously worked perfectly.

Another example of where a methodical approach to fault finding yields a positive outcome.

If you have an intractable fault then contact us. ICS Technologies is based in Brisbane, Australia.

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