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Avaya Vantage Use Cases

Avaya Vantage is phone that’s basically a Google tablet with a handset and quality audio. It offers a number of benefits across many industries but lets take a look at the possibilities in both healthcare and hospitality.

For hotels, a Vantage phone could be used as a wall plate outside a room. The display shows the room number, a do-not-disturb indicator, and information on whether the room was to be made up or not. This is all basic stuff, but what if the guest has trouble with their room key? They could call the front desk for help. A hotel could customise the display to show relevant information, such as where the conference rooms are for the event the guest is attending, or even post a personalised greeting.

Inside the room, a Vantage phone would be the control point from which a guest could do things like review menus and place room service orders, change the temperature, and set the do-not-disturb indicator — which, in turn, would update the display on the Vantage outside the room. For the lazy guest who calls room service without bothering to first find the menu, the agent can push the menu directly to Vantage. If the guest were to ask, “what kind of sandwiches do you have,” they just receive the sandwich menu. The omnichannel capabilities create the platform for highly personalised guest services.

Moving to the possibilities in, Vantage could be used at a nurse’s station and show the status of all the patients on the floor. By tapping a room, it would be possible to drill down on a specific patient to find out who the responsible doctor is or find out more information. Also, using a Vantage phone, each nurse could receive only the information he or she requires while streamlining reminders, messages, and calls into their workflows. The communications-enabled application on the device makes it simple to easily alert the right person in the case of an emergency, provide relevant patient records, schedule doctor’s appointments, and more.

Avaya has many use cases for Vantage that span different verticals. It provides an “always on” screen for people to display whatever information is most important to them. A marketing person could show Facebook and a Twitter feed whereas a construction foreman could show a video feed from a site being worked on. Obviously a computer or tablet could be used but Vantage is always there and always on, which isn’t always the case for a personal computing device.

Avaya has had some great ideas for these use cases. Now that Vantage is available, the ability to productise the use cases will play a big role in how successful Avaya is in selling it. Vantage itself isn’t game-changing, but the whole Avaya experience is. Vantage phones are compatible with Avaya Aura, IP Office and Open SIP with Broadsoft. Avaya IP OFFice and Vantage phones are available from ICS Technologies. Contact us to enquire.

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