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Avaya IP Office Release 11

Release 11 is now Generally Available as of the 15th of May 2018.

In mid-April  we attended a webinar to learn about the upcoming Release 11 for Avaya IP Office 11.

It is a very substantial upgrade and introduces many new features and endpoints - both hardware and software.

Firstly, the individual apps for mobile devices will be standardised in the new Equinox 3.4 client to provide a consistent cross-platform user experience.

Features include:

  • Consistent, Cross Platform User Experience
  • IP Office SIP Telephony Features
  • Zang Spaces Direct Messaging
  • Zang Spaces Team Collaboration (Launch Point to Browser/Mobile-App)
  • Avaya Equinox Meetings Online (optional subscription service)
  • Single Outlook Plug-In for Avaya Equinox™ Meetings Online and Zang Spaces
  • App Initialiwation and Auto-Configuration Flows Making Adoption Easy

Next, there will be an updated Web Client that is Google Chrome-based that will allow:

  • Google Chrome Browser based
  • Audio call and conferencing (ad hoc, meet me), Video call
  • Presence, IM, Call logs, Voice messages (play in browser)
  • Global search (search across contacts, call logs, voice messages, notes)
  • Favourite contacts (Personal Directory view)
  • System directory
  • Organise contacts using tags, associate notes to contacts
  • Single click login to one-X Portal, Web Collab
  • Dial to own meet me bridge
  • Google Chrome extension for Click to Call and search functionality
  • Standalone client for Windows (with embedded browser)

Updated SIP phones

Also available will be the Avaya Vantage:

  • All-glass device
  • Optional Integrated HD camera w/ privacy shutter
  • Wide-band audio hands free speakerphone
  • Cordless (Bluetooth) or wired handset connected using modular base station
  • Analog or Bluetooth connected headsets.
  • Android OS

DECT capacity is increased:

  • Up to 750 handsets on the Server Edition
  • Up to 256 Base Stations (from 128)
  • The limit of 5 compact Base Stations is removed
  • DECT Edition 6 is required

WebRTC High Availability is added for Select Edition and allows a secondary gateway to start serving WebRTC clients in case the primary fails.

  • When primary gateway goes off-line for admin purposes while the primary oneX server and IP Office are online; secondary changes from passive to active
  • When primary oneX server goes off-line; clients served by the resilient secondary WebRTC gateway running on the secondary server
  • When primary IP Office goes off-line; primary gateway failed to start or is off-line or intentionally stopped for admin purposes. Primary gateway and oneX server are available to clients

SIP Line appearance

To simulate a key system where each line is displayed on a button on the phone, it will be possible to add SIP lines to operate like analogue trunk appearances. A single URI can have multiple appearances up to the number of calls defined for that URI.

Media Manager

  • Native voice call recording solution introduced with IP Office 10.1
  • Web based, cloud aware (Google Drive storage)
  • Integrated OAM via IP Office Web Manager
  • Search, replay and archiving of recordings
  • Support of multiple browsers (Chrome, FF, IE)
  • Existing Contact Recorder customers are migrated to Media Manager as part of R11 upgrade
  • R11 also improves search capabilities for both Administrator and User (Web Self Admin)

Cloud Operations Manager

  • Multi Customer Management with focus on Cloud
  • Single Unified Management Portal for up to 3,000 IP Office systems
  • Dashboard shows alarms, system status, grouping of systems
  • System Inventory of all connected systems
  • Upgrade / Patching allows centralised management of IP Office software upgrades / patching
  • IP Office only in R11

It is possible to bring an original IP500v2 from 2010 running R6 up to R11 if you want to and it will be functionally equivalent to a brand new system. Depending on the current version in your IP Office the upgrade process may need to be done in 2 steps and will involve some down time as the phones will need to upgrade their firmware.

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