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Avaya IP Office Release 11

Release 11 is now Generally Available as of the 15th of May 2018. Note that the most current version is Service Pack 4. Information can be found here.

In mid-April  we attended a webinar to learn about the upcoming Release 11 for Avaya IP Office 11.

It is a very substantial upgrade and introduces many new features and endpoints – both hardware and software.

Firstly, the individual apps for mobile devices will be standardised in the new Equinox 3.4 client to provide a consistent cross-platform user experience.

Features include:

  • Consistent, Cross Platform User Experience
  • IP Office SIP Telephony Features
  • Zang Spaces Direct Messaging
  • Zang Spaces Team Collaboration (Launch Point to Browser/Mobile-App)
  • Avaya Equinox Meetings Online (optional subscription service)
  • Single Outlook Plug-In for Avaya Equinox™ Meetings Online and Zang Spaces
  • App Initialiwation and Auto-Configuration Flows Making Adoption Easy

Next, there will be an updated Web Client that is Google Chrome-based that will allow:

  • Google Chrome Browser based
  • Audio call and conferencing (ad hoc, meet me), Video call
  • Presence, IM, Call logs, Voice messages (play in browser)
  • Global search (search across contacts, call logs, voice messages, notes)
  • Favourite contacts (Personal Directory view)
  • System directory
  • Organise contacts using tags, associate notes to contacts
  • Single click login to one-X Portal, Web Collab
  • Dial to own meet me bridge
  • Google Chrome extension for Click to Call and search functionality
  • Standalone client for Windows (with embedded browser)

Updated SIP phones

Also available will be the Avaya Vantage:

  • All-glass device
  • Optional Integrated HD camera w/ privacy shutter
  • Wide-band audio hands free speakerphone
  • Cordless (Bluetooth) or wired handset connected using modular base station
  • Analog or Bluetooth connected headsets.
  • Android OS

DECT capacity is increased:

  • Up to 750 handsets on the Server Edition
  • Up to 256 Base Stations (from 128)
  • The limit of 5 compact Base Stations is removed
  • DECT Edition 6 is required

WebRTC High Availability is added for Select Edition and allows a secondary gateway to start serving WebRTC clients in case the primary fails.

  • When primary gateway goes off-line for admin purposes while the primary oneX server and IP Office are online; secondary changes from passive to active
  • When primary oneX server goes off-line; clients served by the resilient secondary WebRTC gateway running on the secondary server
  • When primary IP Office goes off-line; primary gateway failed to start or is off-line or intentionally stopped for admin purposes. Primary gateway and oneX server are available to clients

SIP Line appearance

To simulate a key system where each line is displayed on a button on the phone, it will be possible to add SIP lines to operate like analogue trunk appearances. A single URI can have multiple appearances up to the number of calls defined for that URI.

Media Manager

  • Native voice call recording solution introduced with IP Office 10.1
  • Web based, cloud aware (Google Drive storage)
  • Integrated OAM via IP Office Web Manager
  • Search, replay and archiving of recordings
  • Support of multiple browsers (Chrome, FF, IE)
  • Existing Contact Recorder customers are migrated to Media Manager as part of R11 upgrade
  • R11 also improves search capabilities for both Administrator and User (Web Self Admin)

Cloud Operations Manager

  • Multi Customer Management with focus on Cloud
  • Single Unified Management Portal for up to 3,000 IP Office systems
  • Dashboard shows alarms, system status, grouping of systems
  • System Inventory of all connected systems
  • Upgrade / Patching allows centralised management of IP Office software upgrades / patching
  • IP Office only in R11

It is possible to bring an original IP500v2 from 2010 running R6 up to R11 if you want to and it will be functionally equivalent to a brand new system. Depending on the current version in your IP Office the upgrade process may need to be done in 2 steps and will involve some down time as the phones will need to upgrade their firmware.

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