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Application note: Music Streaming from Algo 8301


If you are a school or factory with a large number of Algo SIP speakers then you probably have an Algo 8301 for scheduling. When multicasting from the 8301 to other devices there is a dedicated music channel allowing you to stream music across the system.

Music Streaming from Algo 8301 – how do you do it? The generally available information says to simply turn off the Automatic Gain Control and to set the codec to G722 or Opus. Under the current firmware (5.4 at this writing) this is not enough. This application note will show you how to do it.

For all the Multicast Receiver devices you do need to turn off the Automatic Gain Control. You need to log into each one in turn and go to Basic Features > Features 
Algo-8301-automatic gain-control


On the Algo 8301 being used as a Multicast transmitter, select G.722 for the output codec. Go to Advanced Settings > Advanced Multicast





You can leave the AGC set to on, ambient noise compensation on (no effect on the 8301 since it has no microphone itself) and set the audio input to Line in








Under Additional Features > Input/Output you need to set Audio Always On to either Enabled or Scheduled.  Scheduling will allow you to have music played at certain times and is done through the Scheduler tab as you would for any other tone. Leave VOX Mode disabled. This will leave the devices active and the indicator light will show permanently on the 8180’s. Check that the Audio Input Port is Line In and set the Audio Input Volume to 0dB. This allows you to control the volume if your input device has no volume control.








Using this method will allow you to have music streamed through your speakers either constantly as a background or scheduled at certain times. Any of the Algo SIP devices such as 8180 alerter, 8186/8196 horns or 8188/8198 ceiling speakers can be associated with the 8301 scheduler. For networks with a large number of devices it may be advantageous to manage them with an 8300. This will allow the status of each device to be seen and firmware updates pushed out to them.

Contact us for your Algo requirements or to discuss how Algo products can be beneficial to your business. Notable users are multiple schools, Bluescope Steel, Sydney Trains and even the Australian Antarctic Division.



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