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Application Note: Grandstream GWN7661 wallplate Wi-Fi access point desk mount


We are starting to do an increasing number of domestic network upgrades in response to upgrading the office networks of our customers and they say “we want it like that at home”. Due to different requirements and budget considerations we use Grandstream equipment for the domestic jobs as it offers very good performance at a great price. Of course it is cloud managed. The GWN7062 router forms a good base and is much more versatile now you can use the USB port for a 4G dongle. You can basically use it to replace a Telstra Gateway and transfer the SIM card across to a regular 4G dongle.

The GWN7661 wallplate WiFi access points are very convenient to use in domestic situations but since they are designed to replace an existing data point, what do you do if there are no data points around the house and you have to mesh them wirelessly? Cambium is another brand we use and they have a very nice desk mount for the E430H access point but that doesn’t fit the cheaper E425H and there are no other mounts available that I am aware of.

We did an install of several Grandstream 7605LR access points in fridges and freezers. It was more convenient to use a mounting box which allowed a surface-mount socket and a standard patch lead rather than crimping a plug on the end of the data cable. I know that is something the security guys do but we prefer to use a socket and suitably coloured patch lead.

It occurred to me that I could probably use the same mounting box to contain a PoE injector and mount the GWN7661 wallplate access point to have a simple unit with just a power cable.

Starting with the readily available Cabac T100 box. 150mm high by 116mm wide by 67mm deep.


To allow the 3 network sockets at the bottom to be used, the mounting plate can be placed flush with the top of the lid and a hole cut to allow for the rear cable entry. Note that due to a slight curve in the lid it is still possible to access the top screws for the lid despite them being partly covered by the mounting bracket.

Grandstream-wireless-AP-desk-mount-4I drilled the corners and used a multitool to make the straight cuts then tweaked with a knife.


The rear cable entry does not protrude too far into the box.




Slot in the PoE injector (802.3af is used). The fishing weights are used to shift weight to the back and bottom of the box to offset the forward weight of the access point. Two 45 gram weights per side were tried but a 3rd was added to each side after the outer lid was installed on the access point. Weights and injector will be glued in place in production versions.


A slot was cut to allow the power cable to exit the bottom and with the design of the box it can exit to the rear. Also due to the design of the box, it would be difficult to add rubber feet unless they are fairly large since they would have to sit in the recess at the bottom.

The GWN7661 wallplate access points seem to run quite hot. In testing with the access point lying on its back, the temperature reached 71º Celsius. If the box is standing up then the temperature drops to 63º. The injector does not seem to generate any appreciable amount of heat even when sealed inside and was chosen for this reason.

Contact us for Grandstream, Cambium, Ubiquiti products and a new range we are trying from Ruijee that is looking promising.


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