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Application Note: Algo paging speakers


Say you have an ageing analogue paging system that you want to replace, how would you approach it?

Algo has a choice of paging speakers for the task – ceiling speakers for internal applications and horn speakers external applications but how do you configure them?

Firstly consider how you want to use them, then how easy it will be to run new UTP cable and how you plan to drive them – what phone system you have?

If it is relatively easy to install new UTP cable then you would run one to each speaker and use the 8188 ceiling speaker or 8186 horn speaker. This gives maximum flexibility.

If it is harder to cable then it may be more convenient to nominate some master speakers and then daisy-chain up to 3 slaves off that. In this case you would use the 8198 PoE+ ceiling speaker or 8196 PoE+ horn speaker with 1198 or 1196 slave speakers.


In summary:

When to use all Algo IP Speakers vs Algo Satellite Speakers
ALL IP SPEAKERS (8186 or 8188)

Deployment of all All IP Speakers is the best option when the following features are important:

  • Ability to place SIP call to individual speaker
  • Individual speaker talkback and ambient noise detection
  • Zoning down to individual speaker
  • Maximum power per speaker
IP PLUS SATELLITE SPEAKERS (8196/1196 or 8198/1198)

Deployment of Satellite Speakers is the best option when the following features are important:

  • Large coverage areas per zone
  • Reduced network ports and cable drops
  • Maximum audio power per speaker not required
  • Supervision capabilities maintained

Now that you have the speakers, how are you going to configure them?

Algo paging speakers are driven by extensions so again, for maximum flexibility, you would allocate and extension number per device. This will allow you to use the talkback mic with the caveat that you may experience audio feedback if there are a lot of speakers in an area.. You may also want to utilise the loud ringing capability in certain areas. Remember that Algo paging speakers have ambient noise sensing so they can be audible over changing ambient noise but do not blare out at maximum volume if there is little ambient noise. 

Algo devices also support multicast protocol so it is very simple to get a single device to trigger all the other devices. Note that with this configuration only the talkback mic for the multicast transmitter is active to prevent possible feedback.

The type of phone system you have will have an effect on configuration as well. Algo paging speakers are SIP-based so if you are using Microsoft Teams then it will be necessary to either use the Microsoft Teams to SIP Gateway or a Teams-compatible Session Border Controller. On a hosted system where you pay monthly for each endpoint, adding multiple SIP speakers may increase your monthly bill considerably. With an on-premise SIP system you can just create a block of extensions.

In an education situation where they are using Teams and they don’t want to integrate paging with the phone system then we have implemented a Grandstream UCM6301 SIP system to drive all the speakers because it is capable of 500 extensions out of the box. We also incorporate an Algo 8301 scheduler to look after the bells. We then put a purpose built handset such as a Fanvil X210i handset at key points so pages can be made.

Contact us for your Algo requirements or to discuss how Algo products can be beneficial to your business. Notable users are multiple schools, Bluescope Steel, Sydney Trains and even the Australian Antarctic Division.


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