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Algo products – the Australian range


Following on from a major program by Algo to get their devices certified a much larger range of Algo products is now available in Australia.

The currently available Algo products are as follows:


Algo 1128 Analogue LED strobe – clear lensAlgo-1128-LED-strobe
Algo 1198 Satellite ceiling speakerAlgo-1198-satellite-ceiling-speaker
Algo 1202 Customer / emergency assistance buttonAlgo-1202-call-button
Algo 1203 Wall SwitchAlgo-1203-call-switch
Algo 1205 Audio Interface for 8301Algo-1205-audio-interface
Algo 2506 Polycom VVX ring detectorAlgo-2506-Polycom-VVX-ring-detector
Algo 2507 Polycom VVX, CCX and Yealink ring detectorAlgo-2507-ring-detector
Algo 8028 SIP door phoneAlgo-8028-SIP-doorphone
Algo 8063 IP Door ControllerAlgo-8063-ip-door-controller
Algo 8128 SIP LED strobe – clear lensAlgo-8128-sip-strobe-light
Algo X128 Strobe lens cover – Amber Blue or Red optionsAlgo-8128ABR
Algo 8138 Colour SIP LED Visual AlerterAlgo-8138-IP-colour-visual-alerter
Algo 8180 SIP Audio AlerterAlgo-8180-sip-audio-alerter
Algo 8186 SIP Horn speakerAlgo-8186-sip-horn-speaker
Algo 8188 SIP Ceiling speakerAlgo-8188-sip-ceiling-speaker
Algo 8188T2 x 2 Speaker panelAlgo-8188T2x2
Algo 8188TBR t-bar bracketsAlgo-8188-tbar
Algo 8190S SIP speaker / clock with visual alerteralgo-8190s-sip-speaker-clock
Algo 8198 SIP Ceiling speaker PoE+Algo-8198
Algo 8301 SIP Paging adapter and schedulerAlgo-8301
Algo 8373 SIP Paging adapter – 3 zoneAlgo-8373


Please note that for the newly available items stock will have to be ordered with approximately a 3 week lead time.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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