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Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter

In factories or other noisy situations, loud ringers are often used to indicate incoming call where the ringer in the phone just cannot be heard. These ringers usually have an analogue connection back into the phone system. Many Voice over IP phone systems have no analogue ports or you may want to have the ringer in a remote building maybe served by a wireless link that you cannot get an analogue connection to. The answer is the SIP-based Algo 8180 Audio Alerter.

The 8180 SIP Audio Alerter now in the G2 version is the next generation of the popular Algo 8180. The G2 has upgraded hardware capable of running the latest security and encryption standards, including TLS & SRTP, ensuring secure communication with hosted SIP providers.

Designed to include all the features of the original 8180, the G2 release also includes a number of new features including enhanced multicast options, a relay input for using a button, and dedicated “Emergency Alert” extensions similar to other Algo SIP endpoints such as the 8188/8189 ceiling speakers and 8301 Paging Adapter.

The 8180 offers seven advantages over analogue solutions.

In an IP environment, legacy loud ringers and paging systems can end up hard wired behind analogue adapters (ATA’s). That might make sense when legacy products are pre-existing, working well, and vendor supported but there are significant advantages to deploying an all in one IP solution. The Algo 8180 eliminates the need for an ATA, offering new capabilities for performance, scalability, and user experience.

  • Endpoint visibility on the network simplifies administration and installation is as easy as connecting the RJ45 plug to your PoE switch.
  • Web Interface – Provision and make changes to the 8180’s configuration any time using an intuitive web interface. No need to be physically at the device.
  • Ambient Noise Compensation – The 8180 microphone listens to ambient noise and automatically adjust output volume. Perfect for variable environments like workshops, classrooms, and cafeterias.
  • Effective Ring Tones – No more shrill high frequency ring sounds. Choose from effective wideband preloaded WAV files, or upload your own ring tone effective in your environment or unique to your business.
  • Multicast for Scalability – The 8180 can generate a multicast audio stream to additional network connected 8180s for ring, page, or notification. No central amplifier or paging server required.
  • Paging, Loud Ringing and Notification – The 8180 is a multi-capable speaker, serving effectively as a paging, loud ringing and notification device. Eliminate several devices with one capable endpoint.
  • Talkback – The 8180 microphone supports talkback in page mode for two way communication and verification.

The 8180 performs all of its functions as a single unit, eliminating the complication of multi-component solutions and associated wiring.

For Microsoft Teams or Telstra TIPT deployments add an Algo 2506 Ring Adapter (Poly VVX phones) or  Algo 2507 Ring Adapter (Poly CCX and other phones) to allow triggering directly off the phone without an additional account.

The Algo 8180 is available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia. Contact us if you would like to discuss how to implement them in your business. They are steadily being deployed by organisations of all sizes – from a single unit in a small mechanical workshop to multiple units for organisations like Brisbane City Council in their bus depots, Sydney Trains in their stations, Goodman Fielder in their production facilities in Australia and New Zealand, the Australian Antarctic Division in their power huts in Antarctica and Bluescope Steel in their factories as part of a Skype for Business conversion.

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