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Algo 2506 Polycom VVX Ring Detector

The 2506 Polycom VVX Ring Detector enables Algo IP speakers & strobes to be used as a loud ringer and/or visual ring indicator for a Polycom VVX telephone. Algo supported endpoints include: 8180, 8188 speakers and 8128 strobe. The 2506 module connects to the headset jack of the VVX telephone, and eliminates the need for SIP registration of the endpoint device. This is particularly useful in a Microsoft Skype for Business/Teams deployment because it eliminates a monthly fee for an additional extension.

Before it is connected to SIP device such as 8180, 8188, etc, that device must be configured first to present damage to the the 2506 following this guide.

Please note that for the current Polycom CCX and other VoIP phones the Algo 2507 will be what you need.

The Algo 2506 is available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia. Contact us if you are deploying Microsoft Skype for Business/Team in your business and need a loud ringing solution.

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