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A happy accident


One Monday in August 2021, one of our long-term customers advised that they were moving before Christmas and they needed to chat about options. Within the space of several days that had escalated to moving in September and the office would be moving but the retail store was staying in the existing location for several months. Obviously we needed to chat about this urgently.

They had a Panasonic system with an Avaya IP Office in front as a SIP to BRI converter. We have done a lot of these as it was better value than using an add-on converter box that would be redundant when they upgraded their phone system. The Avaya has more features and could be expanded down the track to become their replacement phone system. Obviously in this case it would be possible to license up the Avaya to handle remote phones but it would be a bit awkward calling between locations. We talked about their plans and decided that with the impending demise of Panasonic in the phone system market a full upgrade would be a better option.

The Yeastar P series was relatively new back then but the S series was reliable enough so originally a P550 was specified to cover the 25 extensions required. Due to the COVID pandemic, it was hard to get hold of the hardware appliances so the Software Edition was substituted running on a Dell Micro PC under VMWare ESXi.

The solution worked perfectly for them and they were enjoying all the new features. Fast forward to mid-2023 and the system now has a remote site across town, a remote site in New South Wales, talk of remote sites in Vic and WA and 67 extensions configured on it. Existing ring groups were upgraded to call distribution groups with wallboards. The new WebRTC feature is going to be implemented shortly..

It was a happy accident that the hardware appliances were not available at the time of installation and we had to start with a software edition otherwise they would have grown out of their P550 already. Normally when specifying a phone system you allow some growth but almost tripling the number of extensions It is unusual to almost triple the number of extensions in less than 2 years so the 100 extension and 25 simultaneous call capacity

The P series systems are easy to implement, program and all features are in the box with a single system-wide license to enable the enhanced features.

To discuss your phone system needs and how a Yeastar P-Series can help your business contact us. ICS Technologies is based in Brisbane, Australia.

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