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6 questions about upgrading or getting your first phone system


If you are establishing a business and need your first phone system or if you are replacing an existing system it can get very confusing, very quickly.
In an effort to make comparing systems, quotes and suppliers a little easier, here are 6 questions about upgrading you may have.

Question 1: Is my new phone system NBN Ready?

Answer1: Every phone system we sell is natively NBN Ready. That means you can connect it directly to the NBN and run the lines straight into it without requiring any external converter boxes that may have reliability issues or limit the flexibility of the system

Question 2: What cabling requirements are there for my new phone system?

Answer 2: Most buildings have a fully structured cabling system so your new VoIP phones should work just fine over the existing cabling. If necessary desk phones can be connected over WiFi. No need to guess though – as part of the process we can send a technician to site to review and assess your unique situation.

Question 3: How many lines will I need?

Answer 3: The number of lines is generally a ratio of the number of extensions. How many people are likely to be on the phone at once? With VoIP lines you can also have many more numbers than actual lines for things like direct calls to staff or conference bridges.

Question 4: Are you going to supply a popular brand?

Answer 4: Make sure you buy a popular brand so you can expand and buy spare parts tomorrow. We only supply top brands.

Question 5: What after sales support do you offer?

Answer 5: After being in business 16 years with many of our original customers, we’re here to support you today, tomorrow and next year with support across Australia.

Question 6: Am I required to sign a maintenance contract when buying the phone system?

Answer 6: Unless you’re a medical facility, you probably don’t need a on-site maintenance agreement. If you’re system is programmed and installed well, the majority of changes you need should be able to be done remotely and then only pay for a service call when you need.

ICS Technologies is based in Brisbane, Australia and can supply on-premise or cloud-based phone systems. We will assess the suitability of each solution based on your needs. For assistance please contact us.

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