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Spare Parts

Many of our customers are retaining their Nortel BCM's so we stock a full range of spares for the phones such as handpieces, cords, label covers and directory trays and of course complete phones, modules and licenses.

Currently we are replacing a lot of power supplies in both the Nortel BCM200, BCM400, BCM450 and Samsung DCS24 DCS100 and OfficeServ500. In both cases components fail over time and this causes some odd symptoms.

In the BCM's modules don't work properly and phones continually reinitialise. In the case of a complete failure unfortunately the hard drive is usually corrupted. If a hard drive fails on its own then we usualy take the opportunity to replace the power supply too. It's cheap insurance against future system downtime.

In the Samsung's the usual symptom is the system doing a partial restart if multiple phones ring on an incoming call. This can be seen by the phones displaying the version number. In some cases the system does not restart.

We have developed a technique for replacing the faulty components in the Samsung power supply. Once refurbished in this manner, the power supply will probably outlast the rest of the phone system.