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Music on Hold

While it is possible to connect up a radio to your phone system to provide something other than silence or tones it is not only illegal but you run the real possibility of advertising your competition. When installing a new phone system at a JB Hi Fi, they did not have their music CD available so the radio was playing to check the volume and what came on - an advertisement for Harvey Norman!

Research shows that:
  • 60% of callers placed on silent hold hang up
  • 30% of callers who hang up on silence, don’t call back!
  • 88% of callers prefer to listen to music and information on hold
  • The average executive spends 15 minutes every day (60 hours a year) on hold
  • Callers listening to information and music stay on line up to 3.5 minutes longer.
  • 20% increase in requests for additional products and services mentioned on hold.
  • 7 out of every 10 business calls are put on hold. What are your customers listening to?
Nobody likes boring long messages or old elevator music. Effective voiced spots can work much better, and always with good music.

We can offer a solid state player with generic royalty-free music that can legally be used on phone systems or we can arrange a customised program including auto attendant recordings. Updated recordings can either be emailed out to load onto the USB flash drive or players that can be connected to the Internet are also available.

MP3000v2 player with mandatory Line Isolation Unit and generic music program $175 ex GST plus installation.

MP3000v2 player with LIU and customised music and announcement package (male or female voice 400 words max) $409.50 ex GST.

If you want to re-record the announcement then this is $308 ex GST.