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Avaya IP Office

Release 9.1 for IP Office is now Generally Available.

The previous IP500 v1 chassis is now no longer supported and support for Release 8.1 is now ended in keeping with Avaya policy of software support for the current version and the previous version. Many IP400 modules are now no longer supported although the 16 port analogue trunk, 16 and 30 port Digital Station V2 and 16 and 30 port Analogue Station V2 chassis' are supported.

So, what's new for Release 9.1?

1) Server Edition Select with many unique features and major capacity increases above Server Edition:
2500 users on a single Dell R620 server (previously 2000 total or 1500 on a single server)
150 sites on Server Edition (previously 32)
All users can now have UC capabilities (previously only 750)
250 voicemail ports (previously 150)
500 recording channels (previously 150)
256 paging groups (previously 128)
500 hunt groups (previously 300)
512 conference channels (previously 256)
50 Soft Consoles (previously 32)

2) IP Office Video Softphone for Macintosh has been updated and requires Mac OS 10.8 or 10.9.

3) Soft Console has been updated with Instant Messaging support as well as interworking and better security in a cloud environment.

4) Updated Unified Communications Module with more powerful hardware, improved LED states for diagnostics and decoupling the Preferred Edition license allowing cheaper purchase price and easier migration to an external server.

5) Twinning on analogue lines with answer and disconnect supervision on ATM4 V2 and combination cards. As no carrier provides supervision on analogue lines in Australia this would be of limited use unless you are using VoIP lines via an ATA that can be set to provide answer and disconnect supervision.

6) Enable 3rd party SIP endpoints to be part of Paging groups. This enables SIP loudspeakers to be used in preference to analogue speakers which would simplify deployment of paging speakers in large facilities.

7) Contact Centre enhancements. With Release 9.1 Advanced Edition and CCR will no longer be available for new sales and customers with CCR must migrate to IP Office Contact Centre.

8) Many enhancements to Web Manager including UCM management, an IP500 v2 dashboard

Starting with Essential Edition (IP500v2 platform only) you get unlimited voice mailboxes (maximum 6 simultaneous calls and 25 hours recording), up to 40 auto attendants with dial by name and dial by number, voicemail to email and twinning to your mobile with digital or IP lines.

Upgrading to Preferred Edition (IP500v2 or Server Edition) allows voicemail to be moved to an external server, either on-board using the Unified Communications Module or standard server hardware. Voicemail Pro offers many features including:
  • Whisper Announce that prompts callers for information (usually their name) which is recorded and passed on to the user's extension on answer, allowing them to choose to accept the call or not. This is particularly useful on "private" numbers - usually calls from telesales companies where somebody is trying to sell you something. Voicemail Pro will not intrude onto busy extensions.
  • Assisted Transfer allows transfer of a call to a destination, but allows the call to return to Voicemail Pro automatically for other options should the called party be engaged, or not answer within a pre- determined time.
  • Conditional routing of calls. Conditions are constructed from a set of basic elements. These elements can be combined within a single condition to create complex rules. For example, the Week Planner can be used to define the company's standard working hours, and then combined with the calendar to define exception days such as public holidays / vacation.
  • Call modules. Modules allow you to create sequences of actions that you want to share between a number of different call routing scenarios – like a "macro" in PC applications. These modules can be used to create a library of vertical voicemail applications or just easy dissemination to other IP Office voicemail sites, thanks to its import and export functionality.
  • Activation of the external relays on the IP Office system. For example, remotely checking the status of the office meeting and then turning it on from your mobile/cell phone on your drive in to work.
  • Meet-me conferencing with password. Ask your participants to dial a particular number at a particular time and enter a password. They will all be placed in a holding conference until the moderator joins.

The various functions in VM Pro are easily configured like a flow chart by adding variables and joining them.

A new Contact Centre package has recently been released for both IP500v2 Preferred Edition and Server Edition that is multimedia capable integrating, fax and email easily into your queue structure. Due for release later this year is an even more advanced package that will offer social media capabilities.