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Refurbished Phone Systems

If you want a cheaper phone system, then we can provide you with a refurbished system that has been cleaned, tested and any worn parts such as curly cords or label plastics replaced.

Many of the systems we refurbish for reinstallation were sold new by us and have been replaced with a larger or current system.

Normally we would recommend the Nortel BCM range for their functionality and scalability and because there is an upgrade path to the Avaya IP Office although second-hand IP Office's are now starting to become available at sensible prices; some including phones.

An alternative is the Panasonic TDA range which are a highly functional system with good phones from a few years ago which also have an upgrade path to the current model.

On occasion we may have the odd Commander NT come in but as these are now old enough to vote and only switch calls without expensive add-ons so we would recommend something newer like a Panasonic TDA unless your budget is really tight. We keep the Commander NT's as starter systems for our charity customers because they can move up into a BCM or an IP Office and retain the same phones and functionality.