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NetShelter SX

The APC NetShelter SX is the world's most versatile rack enclosure for demanding IT environments.

The NetShelter SX is the base building block of the InfraStruxure system.

There are 17 models in the range from 24U to 48U in 600mm and 750mm widths with 1070mm and 1200mm depths.

A wide range of tool-less accessories are available including Power Distribution Units, vertical cable organisers and vertical fibre organisers.

A number of horizontal managers are also available along with shelves and other mounting hardware.

Cooling and airflow management are important along with fan panels, chimneys to duct hot air into a ceiling cavity and kits for equipment that cools from the side instead of front to back.

LCD monitors and KVM switches can be added to allow management of multiple servers form the single keyboard, mouse and monitor.

NetBotz security and environmental management components can be added to complete the solution.

NetShelter CX

If you need to put some networking equipment in an office area but noise and cooling issues make it impossible then consider using a NetShelter CX - the server room in a box.

The NetShelter CX is a cost-effective alternative for where there is no space, budget or time to build a traditional server room.

The two key advantages are an 18.5dB noise reduction at 1m rom the front doors which is equivalent to using a pair of noise cancelling headphones and sufficient airflow to utilise existing room air conditioning.

NetShelter CX is available in 4 sizes:
  • 12U Mini aimed at the Home Office, School and Remote Office environments with a maximum thermal load of 800W.
  • 18U with a thermal load of 1.2kW
  • 24U with a thermal load of 2.4kW
  • 38U with a thermal load of 3.6kW
If additional cooling capacity is required then it is possible to add fan booster units.

Additional features include:
  • Full height vertical cable trays, front, middle and rear of all cabinets.
  • Composite wood structure with accoustic foam lining.
  • Zero U Power Distribution Unit with up to 13 outlets
  • Cable duct for up to 400 Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables.
  • 2 fixed and 2 swiveling castors for ease of deployment and mobility.