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Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Networking

Dashboard - Router view
Dashboard - Wireless view

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The Cisco Meraki range is consists of a range of switches (MS), firewall router/WAN accelerators (MX) and wireless access points (MR).

All these products are monitored and managed through the Systems Manager (the 'dashboard'). This provides a complete picture of how your network is performing, what devices are connected to it, what clients are using it, how much data they are getting and many other parameters.

This remote configuration capability makes Cisco Meraki products ideal for remote deployments.

The Service Manager allows a small piece of software to be downloaded to Apple iOS, Android, Mac OS or Windows machines so their configuration can be seen and certain functions controlled. This would be particularly useful in an education situation so that camera's can be turned off, multiplayer games blocked and peer to peer restricted.

Ask us about our managed network service where the day to day running of your wired and wireless network will be handled by us. We are able to see what traffic is traversing your network, we are able to block certain applications at certain times at the edge of the network so it does not saturate the core, we can advise you when certain access points are being saturated so an additional access point can be installed to share the load.