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Avaya networking

Avaya offers a range of very powerful wired and wireless networking products - many of which were used at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Avaya is one of only a handful of manufacturers to offer a complete telephony and networking portfolio.

Avaya 3500 series switches are built for small business but offer huge switching capacity, stacking and a one command setup to integrate perfectly with IP Office.

Avaya 4000 series switches are built for the enterprise.

Avaya 5000 and 8000 series switches are built for the network core or data centre and offer unrivalled backplane capacity of 1.152 Terrabits per second in a stacking configuration.

Unique to Avaya is Fabric Connect. Current networks rely on a number of protocols such as spanning tree and SRTP which are showing their age primarily in their complexity and their recovery time in the event of a failure. Do you want to have your security camera network offline for as much as 30 seconds while your network reconfigures itself after a link or hardware failure?

What if your network could reconfigure itself in just 20ms? Under Fabric Connect, Avaya's Shortest Path Bridging protocol does just that and this was proven in testing at Sochi. What if all the network changes could be made at the edge and the changes rippled through to the higher level switches automatically? How much time and effort would that save compared with configuring devices at each level?

If you want to simplify your network as well as improve it's resiliency plus save money then speak to us to see how Avaya's switches and Fabric Connect architecture can work for you.