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Cisco SG200 Gigabit swich
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Avaya ERS4550T with PoE capability

Virtually all businesses are reliant on their network for day to day operation. This is usually a combination of wired and wireless access With the rise in "Bring Your Own Devices", a robust wireless network is a necessity rather than just an a "nice to have". We offer enterprise-grade products from both Cisco Meraki and Xirrus.

In the travels of our technicians we are amazed at the old networking equipment still soldiering away in cupboards and racks such as a remarkable number of 10-BaseT and 100-BaseT hubs although they are long obsolescent. Their performance (and power consumption) is now totally outclassed by even basic Fast Ethernet switches and they are probably best retired in favour of a new 10/100-BaseT or 1000-BaseT switch.

Cisco have a number of excellent switches in their Small Business Series offering high performance at a very reasonable price.  Most of the models are fanless meaning they can be used in an office environment without contributing to the noise level and they are also highly power efficient. The SF100's, for example, are favoured for their reliability and performance by our mining customers for their field equipment and do hold up well in hostile environments.

For high performance applications Avaya have many switches in the 3500, 4000 and 5000 ranges. Offering extremely low power consumption with high performance, the 4000 and 5000 models offer Avaya's Energy Saver which allows automatic or manual control of the port speed. On a scheduled basis ports can be slowed down to 10Mbps which still enables a VoIP phone to function but across a large number of ports will save over 50% of power compared with running them at full speed. For safety reasons the ports cannot be shut off all together.


Avaya offers a range of very powerful wired and wireless networking products - many of which were used at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Avaya is one of only a handful of manufacturers to offer a complete telephony and networking portfolio.

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Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki offer a range of Cloud Managed Routers (Security Appliances), Ethernet Switches and Wireless Access Points.

Cisco Meraki have many unique features including cloud assisted VPN setup between sites and Facebook check-in for wireless guest access.

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Xirrus offers a range of high performance range of wireless access points and network switches specifically designed to power the larger access points.

Access points offer from 2 radios all the way to 16 radio arrays for the the most demanding application.

The newly released XMS Cloud allows remote monitoring, management and configuration of the access points and switches.

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Ubiquiti Wireless

Ubiquiti offers a number of high performance networking products for the enterprise but at a price point that puts them in reach of the small business or advanced home user.


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APC NetShelter Enclosures

The APC NetShelter SX is the world's most versatile rack enclosure for demanding IT environments.

The NetShelter SX is the base building block of the InfraStruxure system.

There are 17 models ...

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