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Yeastar releases the U520

27 Sep 2012 7:47 PM -

Yeastar have released the MyPBX U520. The U5200 is a new design and supports 2 x PRI (E1/T1/J1) ports with up to 60 lines and 16 FXS (analogue phone) ports in a rackmount unit.

This system supports up to 300 users and 60 concurrent calls with up to 3000 minutes of voicemail on board with the ability to add a 2.5" hard drive for expansion.

The system also has slots to add up to 8 GSM/UMTS ports or 8 BRI ports.

As well as the SIP protocol the U520 also supports IAX so it can be easily connected to Asterisk systems.

The U520 supports a number of codecs including G722 wideband.

The U520 has been tested with many brands of SIP phone such as Yealink, Grandstream, Snom, Aastra, Cisco and Polycom. Yealink phones will auto provision.

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