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Yealink update

8 Feb 2011 10:01 PM -

Yealink have released V60 firmware for the T28 and T26 IP Phones to support the EXP39 LCD Expansion Module and EHS36 Wireless Headset Adapter, IPv6, Call Center Solution Features of BroadSoft and advance features such as Network Conference, SCA, BLF, BLF list of latest BroadWorks.

With the last block of IPv4 addresses having been allocated for Asia-Pacific, the move to IPv6 will have to occur sooner rather than later so be prepared.

Coming soon is the T38G colour IP Phone. Based om the familiar T28, The T38G adds a colour screen capable of 262k colours, and Gigabit Ethernet along with all the other features such as the TI chipset that have made the T28 such a versatile phone.

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