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Yealink SIP handsets now Avaya compliant

28 Sep 2010 9:54 PM -

Specialist VoIP manufacturer Yealink today announced that its T18 and T2x range of business class SIP telephone handset is now compliant with the Avaya IP Office 500 Release 6.0.  The Yealink range meets growing demand from businesses now migrating from analogue to SIP platforms to release cost and feature benefits. The application now is compliance-tested by Avaya for compatibility with all five Yealink models, the T18P, T20P, T22P, T26P and T28P.

Stone Lu, VP of Yealink commented, "this is far from a tick-box exercise as Avaya compliance testing is a rigorous process. Now that the test is complete, this will greatly benefit business users of Yealink technologies. Avaya IP Office is an absolutely crucial platform in the enterprise marketplace, being a highly scalable, open standard solution which unleashes the potential of communications infrastructures to deliver significant cost and productivity benefits."

Eric Rossman, vice president, developer relations, Avaya said "as a respected,R&D- led VoIP specialist,Yealink is a welcome development partner whose expertise and co-operation under the DevConnect programme will further assist Avaya in helping businesses work smarter and more efficiently. Together we can deliver high quality, affordable SIP solutions which can swiftly and positively impact bottom lines."

Yealink handsets are also highly compatible with the Epygi Quadro range of pure IP PBX appliances.

Yealink handsets, the Epygi Quadro range, the Avaya IP Office and Avaya Business Communications Manager are sold and serviced by ICS Technologies in Brisbane and across Australia.

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