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Why use digital signage in Fast Food Restaurants?

3 Jan 2013 4:17 PM -

Traditional menu systems in restaurants where the customer places their order to the employee behind the counter use a number of disjointed advertising and communicative methods. Hard plastic signage dimly promotes menu offerings and these have to be changed individually  whenever a new menu comes out, new pricing is implemented or when new items are added.

Flimsy paper placards, dusty cardboard cutouts, and vinyl banners hanging limply outside the washrooms are other common techniques. Using digital signage such as media players from BrightSign replaces all these mediums with high definition, animated Digital Menu Boards.

Networkable BrightSign media players update automatically from a local or remote web server, can be self-managed, and pre-programmed to stop and start promotions based on everything from time of day, to seasonal availability, to regional location. Even geolocation is possible using an exteral GPS unit. Prices and nutritional information can also be clearly displayed.

Give your store a sophisticated wow factor that the competition can't touch, because it is uniquely your brand image.

Quick Facts

  • Digital Menu Boards attract 10 times as much customer attention
  • The time warp effect, caused by Digital Menu Boards, reduces perceived waiting time waiting in line by up to 15 percent
  • 40-70 percent of Quick Service Restaurant purchases are unplanned or impulse based up-sell and suggestive selling opportunities are vast with digital menus.
  • The system is easy to use. Your messages are created using the latest software freely available from the BrightSign website. 
  • Featured items have achieved double and triple digit sales lift.
  • Return On Investment can be realised in as little as 9 months
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