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What headset should I choose?

20 Sep 2010 11:53 PM -

If you are considering cordless headsets for yourself or your staff it can be quite confusing. Do you choose Bluetooth or do you choose DECT?

Both have their applications.

DECT is generally chosen for long battery life, long range from the base and high density.

Bluetooth is generally chosen for low cost, compatibility with mobiles, compact size and light weight but this is usually at the expense of battery life. Some Bluetooth headsets come with a dongle to plug into a laptop or desktop for softphone or unified communications applications and using the dongle their useful range approaches that of a DECT headset.

There are a wide variety of models from manufacturers such as Jabra and Plantronics which are both sold and supported by ICS Technologies.

With basic Bluetooth headsets such as the Plantronics Explorer 220 being under $60, there is no excuse for having a mobile in your hand in a car.

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